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Although my body is not yet perfect for this shirt but... I do hope that in a few months time, I can finally wear this Deadpool compression shirt because I just love it. check out the video below!

Do you need Cloud Computing for your Business or Job?

A business business graph from ONE HUNDRED years ago resemble a manufacturing facility, with little employees at the base like components, put together by supervisors right into systems that connect with or match majorities. Layers of white-collar works passed away in the "business re-engineering" boom Two Decade back, after e-mail as well as networking changed mid supervisors lugging strategies amongst divisions.

"You find out to harness responses," stated David Campbell, the head of design at Microsoft Azure, the name of Microsoft's cloud. Early on, this indicates great deals of "A/B screening," or installing 2 models of an internet site to promptly view which the clients favor.

"We run the whole company as an alliance of self-governing teams," claimed James Hamilton, that is in cost of broadening A.W.S. "Leading administration cannot claim 'You need to do this.' It's difficult to offer instructions." Elderly execs at A.W.S. satisfy as soon as a month to examine just what all the groups are working with, and also collaborate amongst them.

A business frequently resembles its interaction and also innovation system. In the period of cloud computer that the tech market is relocating right into, that appears to recommend that firms will certainly have smaller sized divisions, swiftly assessing information as well as constantly trying out.

Innovation has actually been implicated of making several a task go away, like the assembly line or the accountancy workplace. And also it is refrained yet.

Google likewise operates in a data-fixated society. Every conference appears to be filled with youthful designers scurrying to generate one of the most convincing truths, attempting to produce another thing they could see consumers make use of, then improve that. The large loser in this version might be the supervisors accountable of organizing points, considering that it is all occurring as well quickly.

It is unclear that any one of the huge business has actually nailed this brand-new design of job. However, they all claim that their non-tech clients are nagging them to figure out exactly how they could get into smaller sized customer-focused groups, freely working together and also bent on relocating info much faster. The survivors will certainly excel at partnership, efficient stats as well as proficient at determining exactly what the firm should construct following.

"Modern technology forms designs of job," claimed Ed Lazowska, that holds a chair in information technology as well as design at the College of Washington. "One crucial benefit of the cloud is that discussing comes to be considerably simpler." He predicts much more cooperation as well as outsourcing of job, and also a lot more field of expertise right into whatever an employee, group or business succeeds.

At Amazon.com Internet Solutions, which has actually constructed the globe's largest cloud computer company, job is broken down right into groups of the tiniest dimension essential to determine just what the client is finishing with a vital item. That group then swiftly adjusts the item to function much better as well as searches for brand-new understanding.

"Firms inform us, 'We intend to be Google,'" states Greg DeMichillie, the head of Google's cloud company. "Individuals will certainly be a lot more logical, speculative, quicker, a lot more information driven at job.".

That indicates adjustment is on the method at the lots of firms that will certainly take on cloud computer over the following couple of years. Center supervisors: This is bad information for you.

Azure makes design adjustments by relocating components of its consumers' web traffic right into the brand-new things, viewing if that functions as told and afterwards developing. Inspecting assumptions and also theories in genuine time, Mr. Campbell stated, "takes hrs, rather than months and also years in the heritage globe.".

In cloud computer, computer system web servers are merged via administration software application. Power is called up or down relying on the work, and also the system is consistently reconfigured, based upon information concerning the following work. To view exactly how this alters a work environment, consider the framework of the largest cloud business around.

That tests administration. "Rather than having actually a dispute notified by years of encounter around whether a consumer would certainly wish A or B," he stated, "we specify a testable theory, which we swiftly attempt to confirm." In the ego-rich venues of Microsoft, it is a whole lot like the change to the Web, "other than the level of every little thing is multiplied 10 to ONE HUNDRED times," claimed Mr. Campbell, a 20-year worker of the business.

Outsourcing and also off-shoring took place when the dot-com bubble placed great deals of fiber optic cable television under the sea. Or else, you could not have a lot of telephone call facilities in India, or take care of an international supply chain.

Components of this method seem like the fashionable "slim" tech startup, ever before altering to fit a brand-new company version. It's various at huge firms, execs there state, when you are relocating swiftly yet additionally have lots of consumers as well as responsibilities.

Over the previous quarter, Azure supplied a brand-new attribute or solution every 3 days, he claimed. "Over this quarter, it seems like it will certainly be every 2 days," Mr. Campbell claimed. That's not unimaginable; 2 weeks back, Amazon.com revealed that up until now in 2014, its cloud department had actually produced 60 percent much more brand-new items compared to it performed in every one of 2013.

"There needs to be a core" that specifies exactly what the total business represents as well as does, claimed Renée James, the head of state of Intel. "You have to have even more consumer emphasis, as well as you require companions with a deepness of neighborhood understanding, yet you need to have a sturdy facility also." In the in 2013, Intel, as soon as one of the most go-it-alone of tech business, has actually revealed a multitude of collaborations, focuseded on relocating much faster.

New Personal Storage from EggCyte

Here is another new personal cloud storage released and launched this week, although we are unsure whether this is one of the cheapest cloud storage 2014.  This is called EggCyte although still hoping that Kickstarter would help develop the concept and into production with a $500k pledge.

This cloud is particularly for developers who would create applications that would link to their personal storage.  Sort of an SDK package.  The company says that Egg is a personal web server.  Digital media and other personal stuff will be kept private an not a 3rd party company can have your information.

wiki for SDK: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_development_kit
“We created Egg, a personal Web server that lets you share your content without losing control of it to a cloud company. The Egg has 64/128/256GB of storage space and a battery that provides about 10-12 hours of active use when away from a power outlet. The Egg is also an access point that allows you and others to view your content even if there is no available wireless connection.
We partnered with Big Bang, a leading design firm based out of Atlanta, to develop the industrial design and look-and-feel of the product. Our inspiration was the egg, which is the container for things that are very precious which eventually become things that are even more wonderful in nature.
The Egg is roughly half the size of a smartphone. It uses an Intel Atom-class application processor. It has Wi-Fi for Connectivity and a 2.4” – 320 x 240 pixel color screen.
Content can be seamlessly imported into the Egg using USB or Wi-Fi and stored in 64/128/256GB of onboard Flash. You can leave the Egg plugged in and connected to your Wi-Fi at home or carry it with you and connect to any available Wi-Fi access point at a coffee shop or airport. When unplugged and during normal operation, the product is expected to have 10–12 hours of battery life.”
So, do you think this could be a solution and would potential be amoung the best cloud storage for photos and videos considering the growing hacking of personal pictures from cloud storage.  Well see in the near future how Eggcyte performs.

Dropbox little improvements that counts

While dropbox has been improving lately with price and storage as we mentioned in this post, they have once again added a new very useful feature.

This update is specifically Android users.  With its recent Android update now lets you transfer directly your files to the external storage.  It is a simple addition but for some old dropbox users, it was a reason for them to stop using the cloud storage.  After all, what is the use of having all the online storage when you can't even transfer it to your SD card.

For most of us, this is another good addition and we hope dropbox will continue to add some new features and probably give more increase in the space especially that google drive just released some crazy offer for students and teachers.

I am pretty more updates are yet to come and more better offers so until then, for Android users, this is another great feature that is very useful (although this should have been a first "must have" in every cloud storage consideration, right.)

iPhone 6 Plus Test - The Dreaded Bending

While we got so excited about the new iphone 6, a plus version is also another craze among youngsters.  However, many have been complaining of the aluminum frame of the new plus version and that it has high tendency of bending while being placed inside the front pocket of pants or tight jeans.

The video above seems to prove the claims.  The iPhone 6 is most vulnerable in the right side area where the buttons are located because obviously of the thinner aluminum left to host the whole frame.


Still with this flaw, the new iPhone is still a very good device which only weights 6.2 oz, has a processor of  1.4 GHz dual-core, a memory of 1GB and a storage capacity depending on the model you want, 16, 64 and 128 GB.

OneDrive Beefs up The Competition with 30GB Free Space

In our previous post on dropbox adding more space at a lesser price, OneDrive has created a better way to persuade new customers to their cloud storage.

While we have certain limitations on our mobile devices like the new iPhone 6, OneDrive just came up with a new solution to your problem.  With so much competition this days for online storage, Microsoft came up with a new offer which was announced this week.  From its previous 15GB free space of cloud platform storage, they now have increased it to 30GB.  That is instant double space of free storage for you photos, videos and whatever files you may have.  Although their is a catch and that is to agree to automatically upload the contents of your camera to the cloud.

At first glance you can easily say that the offer is targeted to Apple user but there is nothing in the agreement that it is exclusive to the said group.  You can simply download OneDrive to you mobile device be it an android, a windows or an iOS.  Just activate the auto photo backup and you instantly quality for the extra 15GB cloud storage.

The offer is available for both new and old users of OneDrive.

Still there is another catch to this offer.  It is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY so if you want to get the extra 30GB, you'll have to sign up quickly before the offer ends.  Take note, its a limited time offer and once you get the extra space for free, its yours to keep.  So be sure to sign up now.

Learn more about the offer at OneDrive.live.com

For storage comparison, visit http://CloudRoots.org

Wiki guide: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OneDrive