Dropbox little improvements that counts

While dropbox has been improving lately with price and storage as we mentioned in this post, they have once again added a new very useful feature.

This update is specifically Android users.  With its recent Android update now lets you transfer directly your files to the external storage.  It is a simple addition but for some old dropbox users, it was a reason for them to stop using the cloud storage.  After all, what is the use of having all the online storage when you can't even transfer it to your SD card.

For most of us, this is another good addition and we hope dropbox will continue to add some new features and probably give more increase in the space especially that google drive just released some crazy offer for students and teachers.

I am pretty more updates are yet to come and more better offers so until then, for Android users, this is another great feature that is very useful (although this should have been a first "must have" in every cloud storage consideration, right.)