OneDrive Beefs up The Competition with 30GB Free Space

In our previous post on dropbox adding more space at a lesser price, OneDrive has created a better way to persuade new customers to their cloud storage.

While we have certain limitations on our mobile devices like the new iPhone 6, OneDrive just came up with a new solution to your problem.  With so much competition this days for online storage, Microsoft came up with a new offer which was announced this week.  From its previous 15GB free space of cloud platform storage, they now have increased it to 30GB.  That is instant double space of free storage for you photos, videos and whatever files you may have.  Although their is a catch and that is to agree to automatically upload the contents of your camera to the cloud.

At first glance you can easily say that the offer is targeted to Apple user but there is nothing in the agreement that it is exclusive to the said group.  You can simply download OneDrive to you mobile device be it an android, a windows or an iOS.  Just activate the auto photo backup and you instantly quality for the extra 15GB cloud storage.

The offer is available for both new and old users of OneDrive.

Still there is another catch to this offer.  It is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY so if you want to get the extra 30GB, you'll have to sign up quickly before the offer ends.  Take note, its a limited time offer and once you get the extra space for free, its yours to keep.  So be sure to sign up now.

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