iPhone 6 Presentation: What To Expect?

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, is under intense pressure. Although the company has broken records in recent times, Apple has not launched a new category of products since Steve Jobs, the man who brought us the iPod, iPad and iPhone, died almost three years ago.

Investors expect this will change today, because assumes that Apple will announce not only two versions of a new iPhone, wider, but that it will also present a clock-like device.

The only clue that Apple has given about the event is an invitation with the cryptic phrase "wish we could say more""I wish I could say more"; but thanks to what has been leaked and speculation, the grinder of the rumors is a hive of activity.

All reports indicate that Apple will finally present a larger smartphone. Actually, two.

Expected that the iPhone 6 come in two sizes: 4.7 to 5.5 inches. IPhone 5S and 5 c, the latest selling models, have a 4-inch screen.

Samsung and other Android rivals have for years selling models with a greater display, and Apple has not given another choice users who want larger smartphones. This is the competition: more than 51% of phones issued in the first half of this year had a 4.5 inch screen or more, according to the IDC technology research firm.

A detailed report published last week in The New York Times said that the devices will have ends rounded like the Air, the latest model of iPad iPad. Reporter Brian X. Chen also says that they will have an on mode and off which allows to write and operate with one hand, because writing with one hand on a largest phone can be more difficult.

Also expected that new versions of the iPhone be able to make payments online at conventional stores, acting as a sort of mobile wallet that can store credit and debit cards. The mobile portfolio, which could operate with a touch or movement of the phone, supposedly will be part of the already available application called Passbook, which keeps movie tickets and sporting events, gift cards or travel tickets.

According to a recent report which appeared in Wired, the phone will have a technology exchange of data, known as NFC (near field communication, already included in some Android), which allows the phone to communicate with the cash register in a store. Probably, the payment system will have the built-in Touch ID, a technology Apple that recognizes the fingerprint to verify that the person who pays the phone is the owner.

Bloomberg said earlier this month that Apple has reached agreements for your mobile wallet with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. According to a recent report from Re/Code, Walgreens and CVS pharmacies will be a franchise who soon will accept payments with mobile iPhone portfolio.

The images and videos of the phone that showed MacRumors, the website of Apple news, over the weekend were leaked to the Chinese site cnBeta. The phone, as shown in the pictures, is wider and longer than the iPhone 5S, and seems to have space for a sixth row of application icons. As the 5S, I would be equipped with Touch ID.

There are reports opposed on whether phones will be made or not of synthetic sapphire, a material more durable and resistant to scratches than the relatively easy to break glass using the iPhone. Apple has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a factory in Arizona that manufactures Sapphire, and the material is already used on the 5S iPhone to cover the camera lens and the fingerprint scanner. It is possible that the final models of new iPhones only use this material, according to a report published in the Wall Street Journal last month.