Eucalyptus’ chief executive Now Reports To HP

Big giant HP Eucalyptus together with its top executive Mårten Mickos, who was also once a chief executive from MySQL that Sun bought for a whopping $1 Million.

Eucalyptus, continues its good and reputable provider of cloud software for companies’ on-premises data centers that could align with the application programming interfaces (APIs) of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market-leading public cloud and a direct HP public cloud competitor.

Here's what Hilf has to say: “We want to be able to go to those customers and say, ‘When you go with HP Helion, we give you that level of choice,'”... We’re not going to try to have you bet just on our public cloud.”

“There’s going to be a lot of strategic discussion we have to have about that — how and what makes the most sense over time,”

Although we are not sure how the integration is going to be, still they want to drive out the level of competition they are bringing into the field of cloud service.  Still this is one rare acquisition.


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