Dropbox Pro elevates their storage limits

Dropbox is improving its service features of Dropbox Pro payment, both the storage capacity and security. To this end, it added passwords and dates of expiration of shared links and remote wipe capabilities. It will also simplify existing at a unique price plans.

The changes will be available for all new users of Dropbox Pro starting today. The new features will extend to existing users of Pro in the coming days, reports CNET.

Taking charge of major storage from Dropbox Pro users needs, the company has decided to also upload the storage limit to 1 TB for customers of the payment service, a more advanced option for professional users, in comparison with the service free, aimed at the entry level.

Previously, users could choose between 100 GB, 200 GB and 500 GB of space, for a fee of 9.99 and 19.99-49.99 dollars per month, respectively. Now, while the maximum storage space is multiplied by 10, 5 or doubled, depending on the plan, Dropbox Pro will charge customers $9.99 a month for 1 TB of space.  Could this be the best cloud storage for music and photos? Or is there any other contender out there.

In addition to this new pricing structure, Dropbox has launched a number of new security features for their customers. Now users can add a password to access the shared links, as well as expiration dates. Users can also create permissions to 'Edit' or 'See' shared files.

For those customers of Dropbox Pro that synchronized the storage in the Dropbox cloud with specific folders on your computer, they will now be able to remotely delete this shared folder. Thus, if steal it your device, users will have access to your Dropbox account from any other computer, unlink your computer and make sure that files are removed from the lost device.