iPhone 6 Plus Test - The Dreaded Bending

While we got so excited about the new iphone 6, a plus version is also another craze among youngsters.  However, many have been complaining of the aluminum frame of the new plus version and that it has high tendency of bending while being placed inside the front pocket of pants or tight jeans.

The video above seems to prove the claims.  The iPhone 6 is most vulnerable in the right side area where the buttons are located because obviously of the thinner aluminum left to host the whole frame.


Still with this flaw, the new iPhone is still a very good device which only weights 6.2 oz, has a processor of  1.4 GHz dual-core, a memory of 1GB and a storage capacity depending on the model you want, 16, 64 and 128 GB.

OneDrive Beefs up The Competition with 30GB Free Space

In our previous post on dropbox adding more space at a lesser price, OneDrive has created a better way to persuade new customers to their cloud storage.

While we have certain limitations on our mobile devices like the new iPhone 6, OneDrive just came up with a new solution to your problem.  With so much competition this days for online storage, Microsoft came up with a new offer which was announced this week.  From its previous 15GB free space of cloud platform storage, they now have increased it to 30GB.  That is instant double space of free storage for you photos, videos and whatever files you may have.  Although their is a catch and that is to agree to automatically upload the contents of your camera to the cloud.

At first glance you can easily say that the offer is targeted to Apple user but there is nothing in the agreement that it is exclusive to the said group.  You can simply download OneDrive to you mobile device be it an android, a windows or an iOS.  Just activate the auto photo backup and you instantly quality for the extra 15GB cloud storage.

The offer is available for both new and old users of OneDrive.

Still there is another catch to this offer.  It is for a LIMITED TIME ONLY so if you want to get the extra 30GB, you'll have to sign up quickly before the offer ends.  Take note, its a limited time offer and once you get the extra space for free, its yours to keep.  So be sure to sign up now.

Learn more about the offer at OneDrive.live.com

For storage comparison, visit http://CloudRoots.org

Wiki guide: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OneDrive

Eucalyptus’ chief executive Now Reports To HP

Big giant HP Eucalyptus together with its top executive MÃ¥rten Mickos, who was also once a chief executive from MySQL that Sun bought for a whopping $1 Million.

Eucalyptus, continues its good and reputable provider of cloud software for companies’ on-premises data centers that could align with the application programming interfaces (APIs) of Amazon Web Services (AWS), the market-leading public cloud and a direct HP public cloud competitor.

Here's what Hilf has to say: “We want to be able to go to those customers and say, ‘When you go with HP Helion, we give you that level of choice,'”... We’re not going to try to have you bet just on our public cloud.”

“There’s going to be a lot of strategic discussion we have to have about that — how and what makes the most sense over time,”

Although we are not sure how the integration is going to be, still they want to drive out the level of competition they are bringing into the field of cloud service.  Still this is one rare acquisition.


Google $100,000 Cloud Offer

Dropbox Pro Expands its Limits

Irresistible Cloud Offer by Google - $100,000 one year Credit

So this is something that google is pushing and could be very irresistible for any online business starting up.  I just read this story here from techcrunch. 

Here's the original link if you wanna read: http://techcrunch.com/2014/09/12/google-offers-early-stage-startups-100000-in-cloud-platform-credits-for-1-year/ 

It is said to be one of google program on cloud platform and let them manage your file storage, database and other applications.  This is some offer that most company starting would cannot probably pass because of the huge savings will have for a period of one year.

Although there are some qualification for the program like the company's startups must be less than five years old and have less than $500,000 in annual revenue.  Also includes as qualification that they must be part of one of 50 accelerator programs google has partnered with.

“This offer supports our core Google Cloud Platform philosophy: we want developers to focus on code; not worry about managing infrastructure,” writes Google’s Julie Pearl today. “Starting today, startups can take advantage of this offer and begin using the same infrastructure platform we use at Google.”

Although it is a very good program, still most analyst would think it is another of google marketing gimmicks. Whatever you think though, this still requires many more resources and unless your site is already very popular, you will still need a lot of thinking before you dive into it.

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Dropbox Pro elevates their storage limits

Dropbox is improving its service features of Dropbox Pro payment, both the storage capacity and security. To this end, it added passwords and dates of expiration of shared links and remote wipe capabilities. It will also simplify existing at a unique price plans.

The changes will be available for all new users of Dropbox Pro starting today. The new features will extend to existing users of Pro in the coming days, reports CNET.

Taking charge of major storage from Dropbox Pro users needs, the company has decided to also upload the storage limit to 1 TB for customers of the payment service, a more advanced option for professional users, in comparison with the service free, aimed at the entry level.

Previously, users could choose between 100 GB, 200 GB and 500 GB of space, for a fee of 9.99 and 19.99-49.99 dollars per month, respectively. Now, while the maximum storage space is multiplied by 10, 5 or doubled, depending on the plan, Dropbox Pro will charge customers $9.99 a month for 1 TB of space.  Could this be the best cloud storage for music and photos? Or is there any other contender out there.

In addition to this new pricing structure, Dropbox has launched a number of new security features for their customers. Now users can add a password to access the shared links, as well as expiration dates. Users can also create permissions to 'Edit' or 'See' shared files.

For those customers of Dropbox Pro that synchronized the storage in the Dropbox cloud with specific folders on your computer, they will now be able to remotely delete this shared folder. Thus, if steal it your device, users will have access to your Dropbox account from any other computer, unlink your computer and make sure that files are removed from the lost device.

iPhone 6 Presentation: What To Expect?

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, is under intense pressure. Although the company has broken records in recent times, Apple has not launched a new category of products since Steve Jobs, the man who brought us the iPod, iPad and iPhone, died almost three years ago.

Investors expect this will change today, because assumes that Apple will announce not only two versions of a new iPhone, wider, but that it will also present a clock-like device.

The only clue that Apple has given about the event is an invitation with the cryptic phrase "wish we could say more""I wish I could say more"; but thanks to what has been leaked and speculation, the grinder of the rumors is a hive of activity.

All reports indicate that Apple will finally present a larger smartphone. Actually, two.

Expected that the iPhone 6 come in two sizes: 4.7 to 5.5 inches. IPhone 5S and 5 c, the latest selling models, have a 4-inch screen.

Samsung and other Android rivals have for years selling models with a greater display, and Apple has not given another choice users who want larger smartphones. This is the competition: more than 51% of phones issued in the first half of this year had a 4.5 inch screen or more, according to the IDC technology research firm.

A detailed report published last week in The New York Times said that the devices will have ends rounded like the Air, the latest model of iPad iPad. Reporter Brian X. Chen also says that they will have an on mode and off which allows to write and operate with one hand, because writing with one hand on a largest phone can be more difficult.

Also expected that new versions of the iPhone be able to make payments online at conventional stores, acting as a sort of mobile wallet that can store credit and debit cards. The mobile portfolio, which could operate with a touch or movement of the phone, supposedly will be part of the already available application called Passbook, which keeps movie tickets and sporting events, gift cards or travel tickets.

According to a recent report which appeared in Wired, the phone will have a technology exchange of data, known as NFC (near field communication, already included in some Android), which allows the phone to communicate with the cash register in a store. Probably, the payment system will have the built-in Touch ID, a technology Apple that recognizes the fingerprint to verify that the person who pays the phone is the owner.

Bloomberg said earlier this month that Apple has reached agreements for your mobile wallet with Visa, MasterCard and American Express. According to a recent report from Re/Code, Walgreens and CVS pharmacies will be a franchise who soon will accept payments with mobile iPhone portfolio.

The images and videos of the phone that showed MacRumors, the website of Apple news, over the weekend were leaked to the Chinese site cnBeta. The phone, as shown in the pictures, is wider and longer than the iPhone 5S, and seems to have space for a sixth row of application icons. As the 5S, I would be equipped with Touch ID.

There are reports opposed on whether phones will be made or not of synthetic sapphire, a material more durable and resistant to scratches than the relatively easy to break glass using the iPhone. Apple has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in a factory in Arizona that manufactures Sapphire, and the material is already used on the 5S iPhone to cover the camera lens and the fingerprint scanner. It is possible that the final models of new iPhones only use this material, according to a report published in the Wall Street Journal last month.